I Just Wanna Be Held (redraft)

I just wanna be held,

But not like any old song lyric

Nor any loosely woven rhyme.


Give me a reason

To want to be held.


I just wanna be held,

But not hailed like a haiku

Nor worshipped as a symbol




Give me a reason-

To want to be held.


I just wanna be held

But none of that cliché shit

Nor any sentinel syllable


I want to linger

In your touch, on your tongue, on your breath, on your lips…


I just wanna be held like the night holds the stars

like the oceans hold the waters

like the desserts hold the sands


I just wanna be held.

I just wanna be held.

Short Musings

Some short musings of creativity that are bouncing round my head…


You will see me- if you look closely- in the darkness amongst the stars.

First and foremost, I need to look after me.

Are you strong enough?

Fight or flight?

What are you missing out on by letting your fear(s) rule you?

Take the leap.

Let’s fall in love,

even if it drives us mad.

“Let’s fall in love?”

“Even if it drives us insane?”

“I would rather sit in insanity with you than be sane without.”

Be present.


of our being

For some poetry is the place to be

An escape-


from the prism we have found ourselves in


the twirling

the whirling

the unrelentless blurring

of the lines

between reality and the alternate world(s)


A world that is scourged with

doubt with

pain, poverty,



but what we often fail to see

as we fall aimlessly is the beauty


the beauty of this earth, this home, this being


Us being


the highs

the lows

the love

the loss

The unspeakable woes

The unstoppable boughs

Of the branches of our being


of our being


Watch it sprout



And nourish

Our human need of being.

Of being.